Ricardo Peake Braga has more than 30 years of experience and leads our labor and compliance practices, advising clients from a variety of economic segments. With substantial expertise in the finance and real estate sectors, he is recognized for creating innovative proposals for variable remuneration plans and stock option and profit sharing programs. Ricardo has a very active role as the president of the Labor Law Commission at the São Paulo Lawyers Institute and participates in several committees and legal councils of business organizations. The publication “Best Lawyers” features him as one of the best labor and employment lawyers.


  • LLM Executiv in Corporative Law – CEW Law School, 2021.
  • Graduate from Universidade de São Paulo School of Law (USP), 1990.

 Other Activities

  • • President – Labor and Employment Law Comittee – São Paulo Lawyers Instituto (IASP).
  • Member of Board of the Mediaton and Arbitration Chamber of the São Paulo Lawyers Instituto (IASP).
  • Member of the Legal Board of the Construction Industry Sindicate of São Paulo (SindusCon-SP).
  • Member of the Labor Relations High Counsel of the Industries Federation of São Paulo State (FIESP).
  • Member of the Board of the São Paulo Lawyers Instituto (IASP).
  • Lecturer in several events and panels about Labor and Employment Law, Professional Ethics.


  • Author of the book Juristocracia e o Fim da Democracia, São Paulo: EDA Editora, 2021.
  • Co-author of the eBook Reforma trabalhista – primeiras impressões [Labor reform – first impressions]. EDUEPB, 2018.
  • Co-author of the book Reforma Trabalhista Brasileira em Debate [Brazilian Labor Reform in Debate]. São Paulo: LTR, 2018.
  • Co-author of the book Conselho Jurídico SindusCon-SP: 15 anos de grandes feitos [SindusCon-SP Legal Council: 15 years of great achievements]. São Paulo: BB, 2017.
  • Author of the article Participação em Lucros e Resultados: os riscos de autuação [Profit sharing: risks of notice of infringement]. São Paulo: Revista Capital Aberto, No. 101, 2016.
  • Author of the article A Publicidade na Advocacia [Publicity and Lawyers]. São Paulo: Revista do Advogado, No. 129, AASP, 2016.
  • Author of the article Terceirização: o Projeto de Lei n. 4.330/2004 [Outsourcing: Bill of Law No. 330/200]. São Paulo: Revista do TST, vol. 81, No. 3, 2015.
  • Co-author of the book Cooperativas à luz do Código Civil [Cooperatives in light of the Civil Code]. São Paulo: Quartier Latin, 2006.
  • Co-author of the book Aspectos Jurídicos da Sociedade Limitada [Legal Aspects of the Limited Liability Company]. São Paulo: Quartier Latin, 2004.


  • English

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