Navarro’s arbitration group is characterized by excellence and relies on qualified and experienced lawyers with innovative vision who strive to achieve efficient and high-quality solutions for our clients.

This work involves mapping the dispute from the drafting of the agreement and inclusion of an arbitration clause up until the emergence of a conflict and development of the arbitration procedure, thus strengthening the course of action taken, while always focusing on results.

The strategies are designed to be unique, specific and agreed on by the client, meaning each and every step is carefully monitored and analyzed by our team.

When filing for a demand for arbitration, our multidisciplinary approach takes over and we work together with technical experts to deliver a complete service that is fully in line with the client’s aims.

We are highly regarded by Arbitration Chambers and our partner Alexandre Tadeu Navarro acts as an arbitrator in many of them. Thus, we outline the best strategies to achieve the most important results in complex and specific issues.


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