Navarro strengthens Tax and Real Estate practices

We are pleased to announce that Fabiano Marcos and Juliana Rubiniak have been named partners of Navarro Advogados, concentrating in Tax and Real Estate, respectively.

Fabiano and Juliana were already coordinators of these practices, responsible for client portfolio and management of cases and projects.

Fabiano has extensive experience in planning and tax consulting. Due to his academic education and previous professional experience, he adds a strong background in accountancy matters to his tax practice. In addition, Fabiano coordinates the firm’s administrative tax litigation practice, with deep knowledge of income tax and double taxation in Tax on Services (ISS) of real estate entrepreneurs.

Juliana has deep experience in the real estate industry, in its wide variety of themes, including acquisition, incorporation, structured transactions, contracts and operations involving fundraising in the capital markets. She has vast knowledge and expertise to advise clients on projects of high complexity, as well as on the issues that involve the day-to-day activities of the sector.

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