What makes us different

For more than 20 years, Navarro Advogados has established as an essential factor of its practice the delivery of complete solutions to enable its clients’ businesses.

Backed by a solid culture of integrity, principles and values, we nurture personalized relationship with the organizations and individuals we represent, offering cohesive advice, which is part of an integrated and multidisciplinary approach that characterize our services.

Our assistance focuses on our clients’ business goals such that cases entrusted to Navarro are not limited to a single area, but to the analysis and cooperative work of several practice areas, thereby ensuring every client receives effective solutions.

Combining experience with a young and dynamic team, our purpose is to offer a legal management platform that delivers inspired and innovative solutions with a high level of security. In addition to our broad range of legal services, the companies, institutions and individuals we represent can count on closely supervised strategic partners spanning a variety of fields of expertise, markets and segments across Brazil and beyond its borders.

Technology is a key and strategic resource in our legal management platform, ensuring our clients receive the best solutions. We closely monitor the evolution of information technology and use state-of-the-art equipment to offer an efficient service and greater cost-benefits for less complex and repetitive work.

Excellence from execution to delivery. This is our commitment and how we provide services to our wide-ranging client base covering a variety of economic sectors.


The quality of services of Navarro and its professionals are recognized in the legal market, as attested by specialized national and international publications that conduct independent surveys with clients, peers and representatives from the world’s legal communities.

Conduct of Integrity

Navarro has implemented an Integrity Program to reinforce the transparency, ethical principles and best practices that guide all its activities and relationships.

As part of our Code of Ethics and Conduct, we provide training to guide our employees in all the aspects of our Conduct of Integrity. We have also formed a Compliance Committee composed of representatives from our legal and administrative departments, who are responsible for receiving, investigating, clarifying and resolving any issues related to our Code of Ethics and Conduct. They are also responsible for guaranteeing appropriate implementation and compliance with the Integrity Program.

Social responsibility

We are committed to giving back to society the opportunities and achievements that we have accomplished throughout our history. Accordingly, we provide legal support to reputable social projects and encourage our employees to seek effective ways to offer voluntary and free legal assistance to less privileged communities and welfare organizations located in the surrounding areas of São Paulo and Ribeirão Preto.

We have developed several internal initiatives to reduce the consumption of office materials, water and electricity. We constantly invest in employee awareness regarding the role of the individual in the construction of a better world for present and future generations, as well as regarding our responsibility for promoting sustainable development.

Our direct contribution to build a more participative, egalitarian and just society takes place through our financial support to social and educational projects that promote the dissemination of knowledge, inclusion, citizenship and quality of life improvements for young people, families and communities in the surrounding areas.

We currently allocate part of our annual profit to the following institutions:



Navarro is positioned as a legal management platform with the main objective of managing and meeting its clients’ needs. Accordingly, we foster close relationships with specialized firms throughout Brazil and abroad.


Career opportunities

Integrity, technical excellence, creativity, precision and a high-level of client support are the essential attributes that guide both the services we offer and our employees’ career development.

As a service organization, our lawyers and employees are our most important assets. We have adopted a policy of HR management as part of our Letter of Principles that encourages participation, education and professional and personal growth. We value the work-life balance and seek to be a point of reference for the promotion and practical implementation of policies based on human values in business activities.

We are always on the lookout for talented people who are aligned with our values, for whom we offer opportunities to enhance their knowledge and to take part in special and challenging cases and projects.

This is the Navarro environment and we look forward to receiving your résumé.

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